Sunday, December 09, 2007

"Audio of Oprah Winfrey’s Iowa Speech"

Eli Sanders (Slog, The Stranger's blog):
Remember those plans I had to drive to a Hillary Clinton event in eastern Iowa in what turned out to be darkness and snow and freezing rain? Well, they didn’t work out so well.
Details in my feature for The Stranger next week, but for now let’s just say I’m very happy to be back in my warm hotel room in Des Moines.

Which gives me chance to say: I was extremely impressed by the Oprah-Obama event earlier this afternoon in Des Moines. Again, more details in next week’s paper, but for now I’ll just tell you that I’d never seen anything quite like it—and it seems like a lot of Iowans hadn’t either, until today. (Also: All that chatter about Oprah being a good candidate for political office… If she ever runs, watch out. She gave a better speech than anyone I’ve seen on the campaign trail this year, and I’ve seen all of the top three Democrats in person—Edwards, Obama, and Clinton.)

I don’t think the speech will be quite as impressive when you listen to it as an audio file. The big thing about Oprah’s performance was her delivery and her presence. But I do want to share the audio I made of Oprah’s speech this afternoon, in case any of you are interested in hearing what I saw.

Problem is, I can’t upload it to the Slog from afar because the file is too big. So for now I’m putting it on my personal blog. Click here if you’re interested.

(And confidential to Stranger tech people: If you guys want to grab the audio off my site and push it around the Slog’s upload limit, feel free. This is just my temporary solution.)

[Eli: Audio grabbed, converted, and uploaded. xoxo,Stranger tech people.]

Listen to the Oprah speech here. You’ll hear Michelle Obama first, giving a brief introduction for Oprah. Then you’ll hear (very briefly) some reporters jockeying for the best view spot. And then you’ll hear Oprah’s speech. It’s about 20 minutes long.

BONUS: Want to get inside my head while I’m writing an Obama feature that will certainly contain a section about this Oprah speech?

Give the speech a listen, and then tell me what it all means in the comments.

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