Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Iowa coverage tomorrow, live results from Seattle Drinking Liberally's caucus

Andrew (NWPI):
UPDATE: The final results are as follows:

CandidateSigned in Supporters Delegates Won
Hillary Clinton 5 - 4th Place 1 delegate
Chris Dodd 13 - 3rd Place 2 delegates
John Edwards 16 - 2nd Place 2 delegates
Barack Obama 17 - 1st Place 2 delegates

We had a tie between Dodd, Edwards, and Obama, while Clinton came in fourth - all other candidates were eliminated. The Kucinich, Richardson, and Gravel supporters switched en masse to Dodd along with two Edwards supporters - and another two defected to Barack Obama, for whatever reason.
If you're planning on paying any attention to what happens in Iowa tomorrow during the precinct caucuses (and who isn't?) be sure to check out our live coverage, both here on the Official Blog and at Pacific Northwest Portal, which will feature special feeds syndicating netroots writers who are on the ground in Iowa as well as our usual dynamic elections news ticker.

The local netroots community isn't waiting for the action tomorrow in Iowa, though... we're holding a special Drinking Liberally caucus now at the Montlake Ale House, which hosts the Seattle chapter's weekly gathering. Several dozen people are signed in, and these are the results of the first tabulation:

CandidateSigned in Supporters Delegates Won
Joe Biden 0None
Hillary Clinton 4 - 4th Place
1 delegate
Chris Dodd 6 - 3rd Place 1 delegate
John Edwards 20 - 1st Place
3 delegates
Mike Gravel 2None
Dennis Kucinich 2None
Barack Obama 15 - 2nd Place 2 delegates
Bill Richardson 1None
Fred Harris1None

According to the Washington State Democratic Party's formula, these results would net 3 delegates for Edwards, 2 for Obama, and 1 each for Clinton and Dodd.

Round 2 is now underway... I'll post an update shortly.
Howie P.S.: I showed up and was surprised (pleasantly) how well Obama did with this group.

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