Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"Obama Advocates, Get Activated"

icebergslim's diary on Kos:

The above map was part of Sam Graham-Felsen's diary on Obama: One Voice.

What is more important is that we must move our eyes, forward from now on.

Obama Campaign got some wonderful news from the Des Moines Register Iowa Poll. Obama has widened his lead.


Now what?

We keep running like we are 20 points behind. Why? Not one person has stood for Obama or any candidate, yet.

Caucuses are very hard to predict, especially here in Iowa. That is why the Obama Campaign has done an excellent job of identifying its supporters, keeping them engaged, and preparing to get them to caucus. This process is time consuming, requires logistics and a massive operation, but must be done because the caucus participation averages 4-6% of all Iowans. This caucus on Thursday is forecasted to bring 150K participants. If so, this will increase the caucus goers to 10%, a record which will blowout the 124K from 2004.

I know what it takes for this process. I am here on the ground and see the dedication and hard work of the Obama Iowa Staff. They are working triple time and canvassing, phone banking, making sure folk know their caucus locations, organizing rides, encouraging those to bring their friends, etc. This is not easy, it takes massive organization and is done with no complaints and with smiles on our faces.

Now I am challenging you. It is now time to get off the blogs, Obama Advocates and get activated. Above is the map, but below I have all the states running caucuses and primaries in February alone.

February 5

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah

February 9

Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington

February 10


February 12

District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia

February 19

Hawaii, Wisconsin

After Thursday’s Iowa Caucus next is New Hampshire on Tuesday, January 8, 2008. Many of us are packing right now to get to the Granite State. It will take all the manpower allowed to identify our supporters and have them join us at the primary to win the Granite State.

Next it is out West, January 19, 2008, to Nevada where this will be a battleground in this caucus state. This is the first time ever Nevadans have participated in a caucus and will take every ounce of patience, training and organization to get our supporters to stand and support Barack.

Then is it to the Southeast and the final battleground state of the identified early states, South Carolina, January 26, 2008. This state has already heated up and we have a massive organization in this state, but what is to stop you from contacting the campaign and getting there to help.

Then it is Tsunami Tuesday of February 5, 2008 where all 22 states listed above will caucus or run a primary.

The time is now, Obama Advocates, not later now. If you are in one of these February 5th states get activated NOW. Find out about meetups and location of the campaign office in these states by going to the Obama website and scrolling down and clicking on your state.

My reason for this diary is this, it is time to work for our candidate, period. Leave no stone unturned, no door unknocked, no call not made, no information not given and no money not donated.

If you are able you should be doing this.

Yes, the Des Moines Register Poll is nice, but until folk start standing up in the caucuses and standing in line to pull the lever or punch the button, nothing is won, yet.Get Activated, Obama Advocates. This is our time, this is for our future.
Howie P.S.: Washington state caucuses @1pm on Saturday, February 9. Go here for info on how support Barack Obama @ your precinct caucus and how to help get other Obama supporters out to their precinct caucuses. That is the only way delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Denver will be chosen, and we need as many delegates pledged to vote for Barack as possible.



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