Saturday, February 02, 2008

"Washington State Democratic Caucuses: Everything You Need To Know"

Dan Kirkdorffer:
Washington State's Democratic caucuses are only 1 week away now, and this is another good time to remind people about that and how you can find your caucus.
The caucus will start at 1pm on Saturday February 9th.

Word of advice: don't be late, be early! Record turnout is expected, and because of this, it will surely take more time than in the past for everyone to sign in. Expect the possibility of lines or parking problems. Plan ahead!

To find the caucus for your location click this button:

Then enter your last name and zip code. If you know your precinct number you can enter that.

Your caucus vote will be the only one that counts toward the state's delegate allotment. The ballot you got in the mail really only matters if you're a Republican.

If you're unsure about how a caucus works, you can view this caucus training video, or this caucus FAQ video, or this FAQ document.

Some other rules:

- You don't have to be 18 yet to vote at a caucus, as long as you will be by November 4.

- Otherwise you do need to be a registered voter, so get yourself registered!

You can also now obtain precinct maps of all the precincts in King County organized by legislative district.

Use them, if you will, as a further aid to determine your precinct and find your King County caucus location for February 9th.

Finally, this is your chance to have your say about who will be the Democratic nominee. Please do what you can to participate in what will be an historic election for the nation and Democrats and help put this country back on the right path. Get out and vote, and bring your friends and neighbors along as well regardless of who they support.
Every vote matters!
Howie P.S.: My understanding is that you can register to vote at the caucus.



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