Sunday, September 14, 2008

"What Obama Should Do" (video)

Campaign advice from Mark Halperin (TIME), video (00:58).



Blogger Intrepidation said...

Hello, I like your blog--well done. I am writing from Nepal. I am here to climb and trek for the months of September and October. The mountain I am climbing is called Ama Dablam--I had a novel idea this morning. I am having a flag made reading "Obama Dablam" to fly on the summit. Anyway, I have no way of reaching the Obama camp from here. The blog is I will also be posting photo's of the climb for Barack on my travel site I will do my best to post pictures from Base Camp as I go. If you have advice on how to get this out to help the big man win, let me know. Thanks, BK

4:37 AM  
Blogger Howard Martin said...

Very exciting stuff!! All I can do is post them here and send them around to my contacts. Go to my profile here on the website for my email address if you want to alert me to stuff you are posting on your site, which I will check periodically. Thanks for stopping by!!

7:23 AM  

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