Monday, January 28, 2008

Made in Seattle: "Fired Up, Ready to Go" (video)

BergevinBrothers, video (06:26):
Obama Supporters Are Sleepless In Seattle
Joe Bergevin watched Senator Barack Obama tell a story about one person, Edith Childs, who energized others with a fired up, ready to go, chant at one of his campaign stops. Inspired by Obamas "One voice can change the world" speech, he then wrote some words and rough chords for a song then called his brother Jon to help him finish the song, "Fired Up Ready to Go". Jon then made many phone calls and in ten days, with the help of many, a music video was born with the intent of spreading Obamas hopeful message. Contributors include Reverend Pat Wright's renowned Total Experience Gospel Choir, drummer Matt Cameron from Pearl Jam, Jake Bergevin, other top studio musicians, a theater, a recording studio, sound engineers, two video teams, photographers, catering and local news teams. From the first word written to the last note performed, this collective effort demonstrates Senator Obama's unifying message.

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