Monday, September 15, 2008

"The Big Press Story of the Campaign"

Josh Marshall:
As I noted below, the big press story of the campaign is shaping up to be how reporters are and will react to McCain's deliberate strategy of full-court-press lying. The corrupt, though normal, approach is for reporters to try to dig up whatever Obama exaggerations they can find to try to balance the coverage. If that doesn't work, then they will try to hang the charges on Democrats -- i.e., "what Democrats are calling 'lies'" etc. And of course using the dictionary term -- "lies" -- for repeated and intentional misstatements of fact is almost always forbidden.

But the lying is so extreme in this case that a few reporters are beginning to actually report the story accurately.

So keep an eye out for examples in both categories -- egregious refusals to identify McCain's lies properly and instances where reporters actually decide not to mince words and accurately report the story before them. If you find them, send them in and we'll start keeping a list.



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